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Thanks to all who participated in the Operation Fermentation IX - Beer.

There were 568 entries judged and 236 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stEdward O`NeillMild One13A: Dark Mild
2ndWesley KulcakItalian Pilsner34A: Clone BeerBay Area Mashtronauts
3rdJonathan RollinsSalvage Garden: Plumcot23F: Fruit LambicCap and Hare Homebrew Club

Best of Show – Mead

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stAllen MartinPlum CrazyM2D: Stone Fruit MeadArizona Society of Homebrewers
2ndBrian StephensTranquil SheepM3A: Fruit and Spice MeadKeepers of Craft
3rdCarlos HerreraChocolate JordM4C: Experimental MeadRockwall Brewers

Distinguished Brewer (150 Participating Brewers)

1stHank Keller311012.00 Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
2ndBill Boyer213011.00 North Georgia Malt Monkeys
3rdRandy Daily131010.00 Bay Area Mashtronauts
David Rogers123110.00 North Side Alers
Fritz Schanz220010.00 Denton County Homebrewers Guild

Scores and tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology. Numbers reflected are rounded to the hundredth place. Hover over or tap the question mark icon () for the actual calculated value.

Winning Club (61 Participating Clubs)

1stBay Area Mashtronauts4107039.00
2ndCane Island Alers (CIA)622024.00
3rdNINJA Homebrewers256122.00
4thDenton County Homebrewers Guild423019.00
5thFoam Rangers Homebrew Club331016.00
6thNorth Side Alers224114.00
7thSan Antonio Cerveceros142013.00
8thNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys213011.00
Horsemen of the Hopocalypse310011.00
Kansas City Bier Meisters302011.00

Scores and tie-breakers have been applied in accordance with the scoring methodology. Numbers reflected are rounded to the hundredth place. Hover over or tap the question mark icon () for the actual calculated value.

Winning Entries

Table 1: Standard American Beer (12 entries)

1stJamye & Cody NaramoreStay Gold Ponyboy1D: American Wheat BeerKansas City Bier Meisters
2ndHank KellerGolden Stream1B: American LagerFoam Rangers Homebrew Club
3rdHank KellerKind of Like Water1A: American Light LagerFoam Rangers Homebrew Club

Table 2: International Lager (15 entries)

1stJeff OberlinLazy Dog Lager2A: International Pale LagerNINJA Homebrewers
2ndCarl TeacheyChapo2C: International Dark LagerWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club
3rdRandy DailyJoel Loves Dark Lager2C: International Dark LagerBay Area Mashtronauts

Table 3: Czech Lager (18 entries)

1stJeff OberlinFast Eddie3A: Czech Pale LagerNINJA Homebrewers
2ndRandy DailyJoel Loves Czech Dark Lagers3D: Czech Dark LagerBay Area Mashtronauts
3rdPete TrainFlek's Double Dark Lager3D: Czech Dark LagerNINJA Homebrewers

Table 4: Pale Malty European Lager (15 entries)

1stFernando MirelesPura Vida4A: Munich HellesCervezatlan
2ndAdolph PostelAdolph's Hell of A Helles4C: Helles BockBay Area Mashtronauts
3rdEric Heinz
Co-Brewer: Kyle Autry
Stairway To Helles4A: Munich HellesNINJA Homebrewers

Table 5: Pale Bitter European/NZ Beer (20 entries)

1stSascha TiboBrandlöscher5D: German PilsNorth Side Alers
2ndRyan CooperHandle the JandlePRX5: New Zealand PilsnerBay Area Mashtronauts
3rdJamye & Cody NaramoreTwo Time Loser5B: KolschKansas City Bier Meisters

Table 6: Amber Malty European Lager (20 entries)

1stRandy DailyJoel Loves Dunkles Bock6C: Dunkels BockBay Area Mashtronauts
2ndBlake VillerminOkthooverfest6A: MarzenBay Area Mashtronauts
3rdWesley KulcakMarzenbier 6A: MarzenBay Area Mashtronauts

Table 7: Amber Bitter European Beer (12 entries)

1stTimothy Nyhus
Co-Brewer: Andrew LaPlaunt
Vienna Waits For You7A: Vienna LagerHorsemen of the Hopocalypse
2ndJames GouldMb Vienna Lager7A: Vienna LagerCane Island Alers (CIA)
3rdDavid RogersExtra Special Bier7B: AltbierNorth Side Alers

Table 8: Dark European Lager (23 entries)

1stTimothy BickelWe Are Looking At Now, Now8B: SchwarzbierRed Earth Brewers
2ndJoshua Santelises
Co-Brewer: Ryan Cooper
Spaceballz8B: SchwarzbierBay Area Mashtronauts
3rdSascha TiboMalzwasser8A: Munich DunkelNorth Side Alers

Table 9: Strong European Beer (15 entries)

1stTanner AndersonWater Dog9C: Baltic PorterDenton County Homebrewers Guild
2ndDavid RogersRehabilitator9A: Doppelbock North Side Alers
3rdTimothy Bickel
Co-Brewer: Brittany Hendershot
Good Dog9C: Baltic PorterRed Earth Brewers

Table 10: German Wheat Beer (10 entries)

1stDaniel HarrisWeiss Christmas10A: Weissbier
2ndJeremiah BaerWeizenbaer10C: Weizenbock East Side Brewers [IL]
3rdTony SilveiraHalftime Hefe10A: WeissbierDenton County Homebrewers Guild

Table 11: British Bitter (8 entries)

1stMike & Stephanie ButlerTwo More Bottles For Ted11B: Best BitterKansas City Bier Meisters
2ndScott KoehlerReal Bitters11C: Strong BitterNINJA Homebrewers
3rdTodd RupellOtter Nary Bitter 11A: Ordinary BitterThe Brü Club

Table 12: Pale Commonwealth Beer (5 entries)

1stLenzie CheaneyDrag Racer12A: British Golden AleDenton County Homebrewers Guild
2ndJeremiah BaerGolden Baer12A: British Golden AleEast Side Brewers [IL]
3rdBruce Krueger24 Carat Brit12A: British Golden AleSan Antonio Cerveceros

Table 13: Brown British Beer (6 entries)

1stEdward O`NeillMild One13A: Dark Mild
2ndPaul TagertBrown Ale13B: English Brown AleBattleground Brewers Guild
3rdDeborah And Marc PrichardGregory Brown13C: English PorterKansas City Bier Meisters

Table 14: Scottish Ale (10 entries)

1stBrian EnglishAb Obice Saevior14C: Scottish ExportCentral Arkansas Fermenters
2ndBen SencindiverNessie Export14C: Scottish ExportSan Antonio Cerveceros
3rdPatrick Sullivan14-Er. See?14B: Scottish HeavyCane Island Alers (CIA)

Table 15: Irish Beer (10 entries)

1stStacy MyersLeprechaun Nightfall15C: Irish Extra StoutHorsemen of the Hopocalypse
2ndBrian EnglishStoutzilla15B: Irish StoutCentral Arkansas Fermenters
3rdSteven GillmerRed Betty15A: Irish Red AleHill Country Hoppers

Table 16: Dark British Beer (19 entries)

1stThomas MusquiezJust Another Beer Fes16D: Foreign Extra StoutSan Antonio Cerveceros
2ndChris HunterMilk Stout16A: Sweet StoutArtesian Homebrewers
3rdJuan Pablo CastellanosVictorio Stout16B: Oatmeal StoutCervezatlan
HMSam HoopesGolden Sweetness 16A: Sweet StoutNINJA Homebrewers

Table 17: Strong British Ale (8 entries)

1stHank KellerWee Heavyset17C: Wee HeavyFoam Rangers Homebrew Club
2ndChris DailyFortis17A: British Strong AleSan Antonio Cerveceros
3rdDavid RogersKilts Are Not Skirts!17C: Wee HeavyNorth Side Alers

Table 18: Pale American Ale (14 entries)

1stSidney TaylorApa18B: American Pale AleCane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndJohn Bernero
Co-Brewer: Rick Reyes
Tropical Otter18B: American Pale AleRound Rock Homebrewers Guild
3rdDan AchesonStar Partyin'18B: American Pale AleUrban Knaves of Grain

Table 19: Amber and Brown American Beer (16 entries)

1stPaul PitreLet's Go America!19A: American Amber AleRedstick Brewmasters
2ndPete TrainConnor's Amber19A: American Amber AleNINJA Homebrewers
3rdDavid RogersNot So Common19B: California CommonNorth Side Alers

Table 20: American Porter and Stout (16 entries)

1stFritz SchanzStearman's Imperial Stout20C: Imperial StoutDenton County Homebrewers Guild
2ndDavid RogersBig Headache20C: Imperial StoutNorth Side Alers
3rdSam HoopesSurvive20C: Imperial StoutNINJA Homebrewers

Table 21: IPA (22 entries)

1stReed SmollarGalactic Trident IPA21A: American IPADallas Homebrew Collective
2ndGenaro GarzaPhantasm of the Hopera21B7: New England IPA San Antonio Cerveceros
3rdJoshua SantelisesYo Momma21B7: New England IPA Bay Area Mashtronauts

Table 22: Strong American Ale (9 entries)

1stHank KellerBig, Bad Barleywine22C: American BarleywineFoam Rangers Homebrew Club
2ndReed SmollarSweet Dreams Wheatwine22D: WheatwineDallas Homebrew Collective
3rdJoshua HayesEl Rey IPA22A: Double IPADenton County Homebrewers Guild

Table 23: European Sour Ale (9 entries)

1stJonathan RollinsSalvage Garden: Plumcot23F: Fruit Lambic Cap and Hare Homebrew Club
2ndTyson SchindlerEx-Gueuze Me... Is That A Bottle of Lambic In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?!23D: LambicFoam Rangers Homebrew Club
3rdDouglas HicksThat Missing Dixie Cup Medal23A: Berliner WeisseNorth Texas Homebrewers Association

Table 24: Belgian Ale (8 entries)

1stDavid RogersBelgian Pale24B: Belgian Pale AleNorth Side Alers
2ndChris DailyEn Garde24C: Biere de Garde San Antonio Cerveceros
3rdDouglas HicksKeep On Keepin' On24C: Biere de Garde North Texas Homebrewers Association

Table 25: Strong Belgian Ale (16 entries)

1stJeremy HatfieldSaisonie25B: Saison Bay Area Mashtronauts
2ndEric Heinz
Co-Brewer: Kyle Autry
Olivia25C: Belgian Golden Strong AleNINJA Homebrewers
3rdJoshua HayesNelsaison25B: Saison Denton County Homebrewers Guild

Table 26: Trappist Ale (25 entries)

1stJames GouldMb Belgian Dark Strong26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleCane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndJoel CervantesRemington Hazard26B: Belgian DubbelBay Area Mashtronauts
3rdHannah Richard-MolinaSingle Ready To Mingle26A: Trappist SingleBay Area Mashtronauts
HMDouglas HicksNo Dubbel Puns Allowed26B: Belgian DubbelNorth Texas Homebrewers Association

Table 27: Historical Beer (11 entries)

1stDeborah And Marc PrichardFickle Pickle27A3: LichtenhainerKansas City Bier Meisters
2ndJeff OberlinGoing Gangsta27A7: Pre-Prohibition LagerNINJA Homebrewers
3rdMatt JaggersRoggenbier27A4: RoggenbierBay Area Mashtronauts
HMDavid RogersRoggenbier27A4: RoggenbierNorth Side Alers

Table 28: American Wild Ale (18 entries)

1stFernando MirelesLa Silvestre 28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Cervezatlan
2ndFritz SchanzStearman's Sour-Brett Brown Ale28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Denton County Homebrewers Guild
3rdJonathan RollinsNew Incarnations28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Cap and Hare Homebrew Club

Table 29: Fruit Beer (16 entries)

1stJeremy StacyGuavaliner29A: Fruit Beer Thousand Oaked Homebrewers
2ndFritz SchanzStearman's Italian Grape AlePRX3: Italian Grape Ale Denton County Homebrewers Guild
3rdKyle KielyOpe, S'cuse Me29B: Fruit and Spice Beer

Table 30: Spiced Beer (16 entries)

1stRobert DuganAnaphylactic Choco Stout30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
2ndGeorge KolcunRed's Meadow Herbed Saison30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
3rdWesley KulcakWaltzing In A Baltic Wonderland30C: Winter Seasonal Beer Bay Area Mashtronauts

Table 31: Alternative Fermentables Beer (8 entries)

1stHank KellerFormerly A RIS31B: Alternative Sugar Beer Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
2ndTyson SchindlerRight Lie Light Rye Lager31A: Alternative Grain Beer Foam Rangers Homebrew Club
3rdPaul TagertHoney Oat Porter31B: Alternative Sugar Beer Battleground Brewers Guild

Table 32: Smoked Beer (4 entries)

1stFritz SchanzStearman's Smoked Doppelbock32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer Denton County Homebrewers Guild
2ndJohn SkeltonFunky English Porter32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer Horsemen of the Hopocalypse
3rdJeff OberlinHailey Magic32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer NINJA Homebrewers

Table 33: Wood Beer (9 entries)

1stJason RohloffAss So Fat You Can See It From the Front33A: Wood-Aged Beer Beer Barons of Milwaukee
2ndTony Ochsner
Co-Brewer: Nick Ladd Kris Haskins
Ransomware Attack33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Cascade Brewers Guild
3rdCarl TeacheyBarrel-Aged Maris33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Winston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club

Table 34: Specialty Beer (4 entries)

1stWesley KulcakItalian Pilsner34A: Clone Beer Bay Area Mashtronauts
2ndKevin WojdakAcid's Fun Brother34C: Experimental Beer Urban Knaves of Grain
3rdKenneth Glass
Co-Brewer: No Tails
Chail Tail34C: Experimental Beer Central Arkansas Fermenters

Table 35: Dry Mead (11 entries)

1stReni MorrissSwitzer CatM1A: Dry MeadHorsemen of the Hopocalypse
2ndAndy ScherzingerSave The Bees!M1A: Dry MeadCane Island Alers (CIA)
3rdCindy W OberlinBashfulM1A: Dry MeadNINJA Homebrewers

Table 36: Semi-Sweet Mead (10 entries)

1stAllen MartinSemi SweetM1B: Semi-Sweet MeadArizona Society of Homebrewers
2ndCindy W OberlinGrumpyM1B: Semi-Sweet MeadNINJA Homebrewers
3rdBill BoyerBook Of Armaments - MamaneM1B: Semi-Sweet MeadNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys

Table 37: Sweet Mead (11 entries)

1stMatthew HerroldWowsersM1C: Sweet MeadCane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndThor EastSweet HoneyM1C: Sweet Mead
3rdCindy W OberlinDopeyM1C: Sweet MeadNINJA Homebrewers

Table 38: Cyser (2 entries)

2ndKevin MeintsmaLies And Alternative Lies #109M2A: CyserMinnesota Home Brewers Association

Table 39: Pyment (11 entries)

1stJonathan MooreI Wonder If It Remembers MeM2B: PymentCane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndKyle DucharmePyment's Due Volume 2M2B: PymentGreen Mountain Mashers
3rdBill BoyerSir Robin The Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot V2M2B: PymentNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys

Table 40: Berry Mead (10 entries)

1stBill BoyerThe Black Knight V2M2C: Berry Mead North Georgia Malt Monkeys
2ndRandy DailyWild Flower Honey - BlackberryM2C: Berry Mead Bay Area Mashtronauts
3rdChris DailyMy First Mead... But On FruitM2C: Berry Mead San Antonio Cerveceros

Table 41: Stone Fruit Mead (9 entries)

1stAllen MartinPlum CrazyM2D: Stone Fruit Mead Arizona Society of Homebrewers
2ndKevin MeintsmaToxic Masculinity #86.2M2D: Stone Fruit Mead Minnesota Home Brewers Association
3rdMatthew MeadMichigan U-Pick: White PeachM2D: Stone Fruit Mead Michigan Mead Coalition

Table 42: Melomel (8 entries)

1stTracy KnaussBrcM2E: Melomel Cane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndAllen Martin3bcM2E: Melomel Arizona Society of Homebrewers
3rdBill BoyerLegendary Black Beast Of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh!!!!M2E: Melomel North Georgia Malt Monkeys

Table 43: Fruit and Spice Mead (9 entries)

1stBrian StephensTranquil SheepM3A: Fruit and Spice Mead Keepers of Craft
2ndSchaff AdamHoneybeagle's Spiced Bamboo CyserM3A: Fruit and Spice Mead
3rdKevin MeintsmaCriminal Intent #81M3A: Fruit and Spice Mead Minnesota Home Brewers Association

Table 44: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead (13 entries)

1stRichard AlfonsoLemon Drop Hopped MeadM3B: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead Cane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndRandy DailyCherry CobblerM3B: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead Bay Area Mashtronauts
3rdKyle DucharmeLcpM3B: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead Green Mountain Mashers

Table 45: Braggot (7 entries)

1stJeremy HatfieldMalty Bee JuiceM4A: BraggotBay Area Mashtronauts
2ndBill BoyerHoney BrownM4A: BraggotNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys
3rdJohn BlackBallroom Badass BraggotM4A: BraggotBay Area Mashtronauts

Table 46: Historical Mead (2 entries)

1stBill BoyerMiód Pitny Wiśniowo-MakadamiaM4B: Historical Mead North Georgia Malt Monkeys
2ndWesley KulcakTejM4B: Historical Mead Bay Area Mashtronauts

Table 47: Experimental Mead (13 entries)

1stCarlos HerreraChocolate JordM4C: Experimental Mead Rockwall Brewers
2ndKyle DucharmeBa BurttM4C: Experimental Mead Green Mountain Mashers
3rdAndy ScherzingerThe Mead-FashionedM4C: Experimental Mead Cane Island Alers (CIA)